Mr Right Now

by Jubal John

Released 2016
Released 2016
" folky power pop bashers in the vein of Elvis Costello"
" solid song craftsmanship and smart sing-a-long choruses"
"Come a little closer, Jubal John sings. Let me tell you everything I know. One of the things this old Birmingham boy knows is how to write a song. There’s 10 of them on Mr. Right Now, and if it’s the influence of two British Invasions (think The Kinks and Elvis Costello) and American rock and pop of various vintages that draws you in, the thing that makes you want to hang around is the smartass-yet-soulful Southern boy ethos that puts the Jubal John brand on the sound." -Mark Kelly of Weld for Birmingham

"composes smart songs with singer-songwriter frame of mind and classic '60's appeal" -J Matthew Cobb of HiFi Magazine